Have Google just turned G+ into a spam email tool?

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What? Seriously?



I put about 500 people into circles when I was trying to figure out G+.

You’re just going to let them email me on my personal, private, email account?

I know you need to get people using G+, but this is NOT a feature anyone wanted.

EDIT: I just emailed this to 500 of my G+ ‘friends’. If you received it, leave a comment, and let me know if this all-new spam functionality is working for you.

  • Ed

    Got it. I don’t even have a Google Plus account.

  • Ed

    Stuff like this really puts me off. I may have to reconsider using Gmail now.

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    Yep not ideal, but can be changed as explained in this article: http://mashable.com/2014/01/09/gmail-google-plus-email/

  • Ed

    I don’t have that option because I don’t have a Google Plus account. I got Sam’s email even though I don’t have a Google Plus account.

  • Joe Harrod

    Yeah, I got it, you SPAMmer.
    Another Facepalm moment from the team at Google…

  • Richard Elliot

    I got your mail. It made me update my settings asap!