3 Facebook Graph searches that can damage your brand

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In my last post about Facebook’s new Graph Search, I suggested that one of your top priorities should be “Tell your employees to clean up their profiles.”

This is why:

(I’ve used Microsoft as an example here, but this could be any large brand)

Search 1:

Q: Are some of your employees neo-Nazis?
A: Yes 

Employees of Microsoft who like British National Party


Search 2:

Q: Are your employees regularly breaking the law?
A: Yes

Microsoft employees who like Cannabis  Weed


Search 3:

Q: Do your employees hate your brand and love your competitors?
A: Yes

Microsoft employees who like Apple Inc. and I Hate Microsoft

And for a special bonus, here’s the search that all your creepiest middle managers are going to perform.

Q: Who should I be targeting with my horrible chat-up lines at the office Christmas Party?
A: These lucky ladies…

Single female employees of Microsoft under 25 years old


  • http://twitter.com/coffeemarketing Alistair Williams

    Ha! Brilliant….

  • http://www.googledigook.com Sam Bueno de Mesquita

    Glad you liked it. It was a LOT of fun writing it – you should see some of the searches I rejected as too controversial…